venerdì 31 dicembre 2010

YOU are the really ONE!

Instead when friends are funny you like enjoy, talking about this, making conclutions on that, smoking and cracking a joke
Let's start with perky delirium!
Making the eccess your story, against all!
Now in front of your eyes people suddenly turns into frightening shamefaced assholes, of course!

WEATHER is surrounding

Out of the window all runs fast. You're confortable and in bad friend's company,
how can you enjoy what you're seeing?
Wasting time arranging this and that you don't notice to be been here and there.
What's the weather like?

DEATH is supine

It never arrives and when finally it does it smells bad. You get a look to a seat but it's always overcrowded.
"Gimme a seat!" as if it's up to you
but at the end you have to content yourself with a tight corner or, even, have a thin travel on your feat!

LIFE is an hold

Paradise is like a railway station, people find with their luggages the exit, turning on into a chaotic convulsion. They try to survive, finally breathing after a neverending trip in that smelly hold.

domenica 26 dicembre 2010

there's an ashtray full of cigarettes
It's not my affair they're eating a lot of sweets

I feel good here with my soldiers
they hear only me following my orders
...since to die!

In the living room they have party
talking about painful something
With no end and no energy
I fight in the air
against an imaginary face musch smoke as in a visionary race!

sabato 25 dicembre 2010

Not Christmas Enought

Christmas is that
Wake up !
It's happened nothing of what you wished, good

Out it's foggy (as usual)
Wash your face (that you hate)
don't think, do it!!
While you're opening the curtains the only desire is go back to the bed

There's already a terrible headache in the head, you've got it!
so, it's not all perfect
otherwise it's not been the common Christmas for fools, of course!

venerdì 17 dicembre 2010

about aesthetic beauty

The approach of the project is been to create the fad to make of the best of major surgery with the irony of all my creativity, giving vent to the feminine vanity and to celebral kitch, but iconographically soulful.

mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010


The Liberation of Mind from Matter want to
translate the caleidoscopic Present into the metamorphologic Future.

martedì 14 dicembre 2010

Fashion is a "flowing Law" of an ephemereal world where we feel what we are in contact with others, helping us to become who we're becoming


We are encouraged to create something of new by the nostalgia of the look to the past, as far as to be different

lunedì 13 dicembre 2010


Fashion shows the social mask, a focusing tool on the social standing and humankind changes, like a passage from public to individual...
1 - Fallin'DOWN
2 - DON't be AFRAID
3 - follow TALENT
4 - LIGHT on the Messagge

For the liberation of mind from matter !

Since humanity was born, we had to clear many hurdles: poverty, pain, famine, wariness, caresties, death. To pull throught we called on four instincts: nutrition, procreation, aggression and reflection.
Plus, we have added the creativity of our MIND.
In these last years many sociologists was convinced to have identified the evolution trend of our society. From the forming it was gone to industrial, then post-industrial and, at last, post-modern.
With Post-Moderism REALITY and FICTION merge together, it doesn't matter the objective reality but only of a transitional and liquid body (ephemereal).
The civilization has a deep relation with the desire to hide any social organization from itself, not objectively but as MATTER.

sabato 31 luglio 2010

The World is mine

Far from the kaos of everyday, following an unknown route that nobody has never covered, to reach a place where once there was the beginning of the Life Time...light by the Natural Sun-Generation.
(Global with local) Ethnic-fashion phenomenon announces the advent of a peculiar kind of human evolution crisis, and, thus, invite all the people to an inevitable return of Tribal...characterized by the last trends and culture-mix.

- round-up fur neck
- patchwork lining

- coloured pinstripe collar


Extending the mood of "Fashion" till to break the contemporary communication.

venerdì 30 luglio 2010


Nothing is heavier than broken dreams and missed trips when you'r high...over the limits! It's not important to know "how","when","with who", but follow the heartbeat that's crazy to grow, learn and land everywhere you want !


An icon, such introspective (and no glamour follower), like MrFragola, leads us to a totally renewal of a style that many times it has been confused under the tag "goth" and "depressive".

PICKBOY 0.60mm

A fluid path, without any obstacle for your imagination, flying to the impalpable tune of clouds, ready to take flight at the rhythm of the first sun arrows'dazzles, admiring the stars emerged in the most fresh summer sky.
How can thet diktat change ? How make it attractive, till to desiring to show?


Eccentricity and wearability are the purpose of contemporary fashion. Nowadays we want no limits, but many aspects of a fondamental iper-feminine object like sanitary towel are cause of embarrassment and shyness

giovedì 29 luglio 2010

The "clever re-assemblage" of the clothes shows the most consciusness solution for the humans'life quality reducing wastes and costs, affering interesting suggestions for new reflections, tools, methods and solutions.


Up-WearabiCycling means a more creative aspect applied to the significance od recycling; more wearable and usefull for every tastes and need, assuring uniqueness and irreproducibility
Along the lines of this mood the project consisting of a HIGH SPERIME[N]TAL JACKET in embroidered fabric with appliqués in precious stones and SHINING PANTS edged with gems.

Today, since the very first form of individual communication, clothes highlight our construction around a totally different garment-shape, developing into overlapping and deconstructioned levels, exhibiting cuts and revealed hems, as a value of a fashion that stems from the combination of neo-arcaic meanings and a return to Man's primordial self.